Type of work


Help the investment team:

  • Assess critical issues to validate the investment thesis (i.e., market, competition, regulation, operations).
  • Identify value creation opportunities.
  • Set initial strategic plans and goals with the target company (“100 days”).
  • Detect potential organizational adjustments to achieve such goals.
  • Discuss and establish key financial projection / valuation assumptions.


Design and implement value enhancing initiatives at different stages of the investment period, such as:

  • Top line growth (new markets, products or channels, commercial alliances, pricing strategies).
  • Sales force effectiveness.
  • Processes redefinition.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Reorganization.
  • Procurement.

Key elements of
Akya's offer


  • Vastly resourceful to rapidly gather and analyze data and provide insight in generally ambiguous settings .
  • Sensible working alongside the target's management team in a usually intricate pre-acquisition context.
  • Highly flexible to adjust scope, times, team size and seniority to each client's / transaction's particular needs both before starting work and as specific findings become evident in the overall due diligence process.


  • Practical and hands-on approach vs high level theoretical frameworks to tackle the specific challenges.
  • Provide high analytical rigor, method and outside experience to identify key issues and maximize success chances.
  • Work closely with the company‘s management team at different levels in the organization to make sure there is the proper input, understanding and ownership of the initiatives to assure continuity and results.


Tipo de trabajo


Ayuda al equipo de inversión del fondo a:

  • Evaluar cuestiones críticas para validar la tesis de inversión (mercado, competencia, regulación, operaciones, etc.)
  • Identificar las oportunidades de creación de valor de la compañía analizada
  • Establecer los planes estratégicos y metas de negocio con la empresa (“plan de 100 días”)
  • Detectar potenciales ajustes en la organización para lograr dichas metas
  • Discutir y establecer las proyecciones financieras claves / parámetros de valuación


Diseñar e implementar iniciativas de creación de valor en diferentes etapas del periodo de inversión, tales como:

  • Crecimiento del top line (nuevos mercados, productos o canales, alianzas comerciales, estrategias de precio)
  • Efectividad de la fuerza de ventas
  • Redefinición de procesos
  • Reducción de costos
  • Reorganización
  • Procurement

Elementos claves
de la oferta de Akya


  • Agilidad y capacidad para recopilar y analizar información y proporcionar una perspectiva clara en contextos generalmente ambiguos
  • Prácticos al trabajar en conjunto con el equipo directivo de la empresa analizada en una fase pre-adquisición comúnmente compleja
  • Muy flexibles para ajustar el alcance, tiempo, tamaño y seniority del equipo a las necesidades particulares de cada cliente/ transacción previo a o durante el proyecto conforme se obtienen hallazgos específicos en el proceso de debida diligencia


  • Enfoque práctico vs marcos teóricos de alto nivel para resolver retos específicos
  • Proporcionar rigor analítico, metodología de trabajo, y experiencia externa para identificar problemas y maximizar las probabilidades de éxito
  • Trabajar mano a mano con el equipo directivo de la compañía a diferentes niveles dentro de la organización para garantizar que este provee los insumos adecuados, entiende claramente y hace propias las iniciativas de tal manera que se asegure la continuidad del esfuerzo y se obtengan los resultados


What we do

Our main goal is to help our clients create, grow and increase the profitability of their business. This requires us to work together on multiple issues. In particular, we have specialized in:


Strategic planning

These type of projects originate in a variety of contexts, among which are: established players who venture into new businesses (explore new products, channels, customer segments and sales force models), investors who have identified an opportunity in the market, private equity funds that need to perform a strategic due diligence process or develop value-enhancing initiatives for their portfolio companies (see more detail on our value offer for private equity funds)

These studies typically involve analysis of key statistics and market trends, developing market research, identifying and profiling opportunities, understanding the position and capabilities of the company, identifying investment requirements, evaluating risks and assessing key success factors as well as developing projections of market trends and financial results. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to include a detailed work plan, as well as assist in certain aspects of the implementation of the strategy.

Business valuation

Typically we perform this type of analysis while supporting either the buyer or the seller in an M&A transaction.

Such projects usually are not only limited to the technical portion of financial valuation, but also require a major effort in terms of understanding and evaluating in detail the foresight of the business prospective, its strategic positioning, and potential synergies.

Authorization of new financial intermediaries

Akya has ample experience in helping solicitants of licenses to operate new banks, private pension funds, broker-dealers and non-bank banks. As a reference, since 2001, when the granting of new banking licenses in Mexico was reactivated, Akya has assisted more than fifteen institutions in obtaining authorization from the CNBV, Banco de Mexico and the Ministry of Finance. 

Such processes involve analyzing the feasibility and developing a robust and persuasive business plan from a strategic point of view. This includes defining the target market, value proposition, portfolio of products and services, sales and customer service channels, risk management policies, organizational model, as well as understanding the overall IT strategy and developing detailed financial projection models that clearly identify costs and investments and adequately consider various regulatory issues regarding capital, liquidity and  loan loss provisioning. It also involves the assembly of multidisciplinary teams, including experts in corporate law, regulation, technology and human resources, among others.

Organizational efficiency

These studies generally have the dual goal of improving the effectiveness of the organization as well as establishing a more efficient use of resources, either to enable further growth or to reduce the cost base of the company. 

These studies generally start by streamlining the overall design of the main local and cross-business processes as well as the design of structures that support them subsequently addressing the review of efficiency parameters, spans of control, hierarchical levels, mapping of employee profiles and compensation/incentive schemes, among other relevant aspects.

Corporate governance

In this type of project, we primarily serve family businesses that have grown to a significant scale and, for various reasons (incorporation of the next generation in the business, anticipated succession of the founder, increased operational complexity, etc.) need to evolve towards a more institutional governance scheme. 

The work we typically perform begins by understanding the views and positions of major shareholders/members of the family, with respect to the desired performance of the business, decision processes and aspects of the operation that more critically need to be improved upon and strengthened.  

From this understanding, we proceed to develop a governance system that incorporates the guidelines, mechanisms and best practices of the corporate world, while recognizing the particular conditions of each case, which can modulate the depth and speed of transition to a more institutionalized company. 

Managerial and operating process optimization

Often we help solve performance issues regarding managerial and operational processes.

Such opportunities may be associated with very diverse topics such as quality of customer service (i.e., time resolution of a telephone procedure), operational risks (i.e., fraud in the sales process) or efficiency and speed of execution of a given process (i.e., obtaining a mortgage loan). 

In such instances, we at Akya apply methods which have been developed and tested over the years to clearly identify the opportunities presented by a particular process (i.e., client loss) and its root causes and consequences. We identify and outline, simplification and automation solutions, among others and analytically develop and support the business case to implement the proposed solutions.

Development of business alliances

On several occasions we have helped clients of very different backgrounds develop commercial alliances. Our support includes clarifying and specifying the objectives and basic guidelines of the alliance, setting a roadmap to make the critical definitions and arrangements, identifying and evaluating the contributions of each of the parties and providing analytical support during negotiations. 

Among the alliances we have helped create are those of various providers of financial services with retail chains, airlines and other such entities, as well as service providers with other regional players to expand geographic presence and build a national network.

Foreign trade
Akya performs a detailed analysis of supply chains between sectors or productive activities in economies that trade between them (be they countries, or even cities or regions in the same nation), and identifies potentials for higher integration, especially under free trade agreements.

These studies require a deep understanding of the productive linkages and of the so-called “economic complexity” of the trading economies. NAFTA is essential to understand the productive integration of Mexico, and the rigorous analysis that Akya offers properly dimensions and addresses the risks of its renegotiation and implementation.
Also, we offer “economic footprint” analyses to firms for the territories where they operate, providing an individual breakdown and quantification of the components of their economic contribution.
Economic competition - antitrust
Akya offers economic services for economic competition (antitrust) cases, such as merger notifications and anticompetitive practices (abuse of dominance, collusion), including the evaluation of market competition conditions, as well as the appraisal of damages to the competitive process and of remedial measures, among others.

The firm offers robust economic experience to obtain, in conjunction with lawyers, favorable rulings from the Mexican Federal Competition Commission (COFECE) and the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).
Akya develops rigorous economic models of market dynamics under different competition structures, concentration, and conduct and reaction of economic agents.

Also, Akya offers its clients an extension of these capabilities of applied economics to litigation in general, like arbitration and other legal matters, that require economic evidence to support legal proceedings.
Economic regulatory strategy
Akya offers vast experience in economic regulatory strategy and public affairs to generate rigorous economic evidence that supports the firms’ positions to either support or oppose the regulatory environment they routinely face (e.g. legislation, regulations, taxes and tariffs), and including the evaluation of the impacts of different alternatives.

Our firm offers evidence that is effectively communicated to the various relevant stakeholders for the client, such as public officials at the different government levels, lawmakers, NGOs, among others.

Also, Akya designs and develops an economic strategy that is consistent with, and complementary of, a broader integral strategy to achieve a client’s objectives, and which is typically executed in conjunction with law, lobbying, communication and public affairs, firms.

In Akya we have supported our clients on a variety of very specific projects for which our analytical and project management skills are very useful, for example: 

  • Definition of investment policies and procedures for different types of asset managers: pension funds, insurance companies, alternative assets managers (CKDs in Mexico).
  • Identification and assessment of the impact in the Continuity of Business (COB) of a proposed relocation and consolidation of operational centers of a leading bank.
  • Development of a practical guide for the development of e-commerce platforms for SMEs in Latin America.
  • Preparation and presentation of a report and expert opinion to the Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico, in relation to the historical evolution of the Retirement Savings System in the context of an appeal by a private pension fund.
  • Economic-financial advisory and coordination of various specialists in the presentation of proposals in public tenders of highway concessions.


Where we are

Our offices and professional staff are based in Mexico City, and our work model allows us to serve customers throughout Mexico, as well as in other countries (United States, Chile, Dominican Republic, among others).


Who we partner with

We have collaborative partnerships with other consulting firms, which enables us to expand the scope of our services: