Type of work


Help the investment team:

  • Assess critical issues to validate the investment thesis (i.e., market, competition, regulation, operations).
  • Identify value creation opportunities.
  • Set initial strategic plans and goals with the target company (“100 days”).
  • Detect potential organizational adjustments to achieve such goals.
  • Discuss and establish key financial projection / valuation assumptions.


Design and implement value enhancing initiatives at different stages of the investment period, such as:

  • Top line growth (new markets, products or channels, commercial alliances, pricing strategies).
  • Sales force effectiveness.
  • Processes redefinition.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Reorganization.
  • Procurement.

Key elements of
Akya's offer


  • Vastly resourceful to rapidly gather and analyze data and provide insight in generally ambiguous settings .
  • Sensible working alongside the target's management team in a usually intricate pre-acquisition context.
  • Highly flexible to adjust scope, times, team size and seniority to each client's / transaction's particular needs both before starting work and as specific findings become evident in the overall due diligence process.


  • Practical and hands-on approach vs high level theoretical frameworks to tackle the specific challenges.
  • Provide high analytical rigor, method and outside experience to identify key issues and maximize success chances.
  • Work closely with the company‘s management team at different levels in the organization to make sure there is the proper input, understanding and ownership of the initiatives to assure continuity and results.


Tipo de trabajo


Ayuda al equipo de inversión del fondo a:

  • Evaluar cuestiones críticas para validar la tesis de inversión (mercado, competencia, regulación, operaciones, etc.)
  • Identificar las oportunidades de creación de valor de la compañía analizada
  • Establecer los planes estratégicos y metas de negocio con la empresa (“plan de 100 días”)
  • Detectar potenciales ajustes en la organización para lograr dichas metas
  • Discutir y establecer las proyecciones financieras claves / parámetros de valuación


Diseñar e implementar iniciativas de creación de valor en diferentes etapas del periodo de inversión, tales como:

  • Crecimiento del top line (nuevos mercados, productos o canales, alianzas comerciales, estrategias de precio)
  • Efectividad de la fuerza de ventas
  • Redefinición de procesos
  • Reducción de costos
  • Reorganización
  • Procurement

Elementos claves
de la oferta de Akya


  • Agilidad y capacidad para recopilar y analizar información y proporcionar una perspectiva clara en contextos generalmente ambiguos
  • Prácticos al trabajar en conjunto con el equipo directivo de la empresa analizada en una fase pre-adquisición comúnmente compleja
  • Muy flexibles para ajustar el alcance, tiempo, tamaño y seniority del equipo a las necesidades particulares de cada cliente/ transacción previo a o durante el proyecto conforme se obtienen hallazgos específicos en el proceso de debida diligencia


  • Enfoque práctico vs marcos teóricos de alto nivel para resolver retos específicos
  • Proporcionar rigor analítico, metodología de trabajo, y experiencia externa para identificar problemas y maximizar las probabilidades de éxito
  • Trabajar mano a mano con el equipo directivo de la compañía a diferentes niveles dentro de la organización para garantizar que este provee los insumos adecuados, entiende claramente y hace propias las iniciativas de tal manera que se asegure la continuidad del esfuerzo y se obtengan los resultados


About us

We are a management consulting firm, founded in 2002, that has established itself as an important player in this professional field within the Mexican market. Throughout this period, we have built multiple success stories with our clients, creating professional relationships based on hard work, analytical rigor and trust.

How we work

Our work combines different elements:

  • Direct and active involvement of the partners in day-to-day execution of projects. 
  • Rigorous analysis of both market as well as our clients´ internal information. 
  • Collaborative work and close interaction with our customers.
  • Fact-based conclusions and recommendations, derived primarily from real and verifiable information, complemented with the practical experience of the partners.
  • Active and continuous collaboration with selected commercial partners to expand our range of services, from a technical or geographical perspective, as our clients require.


Who we work with

Our methodology and experience allow us to support companies in virtually all sectors of the economy. Since inception, Akya has had ample experience in the following sectors:

  • Financial services (commercial banks, private pension funds, insurance companies, non-bank banks, savings and loans entities, leasing companies, broker-dealers, mutual funds, payment systems, multilateral agencies and development banks).
  • Large-scale retail services (grocery stores, department stores, specialized retailers, etc.).
  • Private equity funds (in the context of investments in various sectors including financial services, retail, education, health, construction, transportation, among others).
  • Real estate and infrastructure (construction companies, developers and land banks). 
  • Consumer goods.

Our clients include some of  most important and influential national and international groups operating in Mexico. Additionally, our flexible work scheme allows us to work with small businesses or even investors that are in the process of starting a new business. We adapt to the requirements of each client to ensure our work responds to their specific needs.