We have profiles that stand out in their analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

Business Analysts

Our business consultants are fundamental part of the working teams through which we solve the business problems entrusted by our clients. Business Analysts research, analyze, develop and structure quantitative and qualitative models that become the foundation of any recommendation. In parallel, through the project execution, they draft the communication materials to clearly transmit our findings to our clients

Data Scientist

Our data analytics consultants apply their specialized knowledge in areas such as statistical analysis, data mining, geolocation, predictive modelling, etc., to develop effective and efficient solutions for complex and/or large-scale numerical problems.

Our Alumni network

The genuine commitment to people and their success has led us to create the akya alumni network, a group of talented professionals who have been and are part of our firm.

akya was my first “formal” job. I started as a part-time analyst during my last two semesters of college and kept working until I left to pursue a Master´s degree abroad, four years later. While in akya I developed advanced analytical skills that have allowed me to stand out in a highly competitive environment. Additionally, I strengthened my ability to synthesize and communicate key messages and learned to structure complex and ambiguous situations and respond with concrete actions and short term objectives. Undoubtedly, akya was fundamental to continue my professional and academic development.

Ignacio Sánchez-Gavito Portilla, Workforce Management Wal*Mart, Ciudad de México

My time at akya was filled with learning and enriching experiences. During this time, I built the foundations of my professional profile and developed the capabilities that have helped me succeed in other markets and sectors. I learnt the tools that allow me to manage a team of professionals, interact productively with clients and build my professional career. The friends and relations I created in akya accompany me constantly in my professional and personal decisions.

Héctor Bello, Senior Consultant Strategy&, Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

akya was my first job, straight out of college. I was highly impressed that, right after joining, I was actively participating in presentations and discussions with top management at leading corporations in Mexico. This distinctive opportunity accelerated my development enormously. Further, every-day direct contact with akya’s partners allows both for rapid understanding of diverse industries and for first-hand examples of how best to handle senior decision makers. I honestly think I couldn’t have had a better “school” than akya, having enjoyed a highly dynamic workplace, where I not only learned a lot, but also reinforced crucial skills such as analytics, communications and adaptability, all of which have been tremendously valuable in my post-akya professional development.

Andrea Vite, Corporate Banking BBVA, Ciudad de México

akya played a critical role in the definition of my professional trajectory by giving me the tools to achieve it. As an engineer, akya awakened my interest in business and eventually moved on to pursue a master’s in business administration. The interactions I had with senior client executives from day one while at akya and the close collaboration with experienced consultants and akya partners gave me the necessary experience to excel in the professional world, where each challenge took me to develop newer skills in communication, analysis, problem solving which I continue applying every day.

Fernando Casares, Senior Product Manager, PayPal, San José, CA

During my career I’ve had the opportunity to work in several consulting firms, of different sizes and focus, and consider akya to be distinctive in two dimensions: First, a true teamwork culture, as the experience is practically as a group of friends working together; and second, something not very common, the opportunity to collaborate and learn directly, day to day and elbow to elbow, from the leaders of the firm. Highly experiences and recognized individuals in their professional areas. Akya fosters the speedy development of skills for any consultant lucky enough to work within that group of professionals.

Tomás Rodríguez Ferrari, Transformation Supply Chain, Grupo Gepp, Ciudad de México

Working at akya right out of college was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For 5 years I had the opportunity to work, not only on relevant engagements for some of the most important companies in Mexico, but also with an extraordinary group of people who constantly taught, helped, and challenged me to be better.

Alejandro Rentería Villagómez, Founder partner at Hexagon Capital, Ciudad de México

akya was my first work experience after leaving ITAM and I am immensely satisfied for having had such opportunity. Two elements in akya are difficult to replace: the friendships I built with my colleagues, and the direct access -from day 1- to akya’s partners and top executives of some of the most relevant companies in the country. I highly recommend working at akya to individuals that aspire to get involved in high-impact decisions and work in high-performance environments with the highest standards, and that are willing to collaborate directly with those who set the course of Mexico.

Diana Villafuerte Olvera, International Development manager at Westing Home & Living, Munich, Germany

My work at akya was the most important stage of the career in consulting that I have currently developed between Spain and Mexico; since, although brief, it definitely represented an extraordinary boost. I would highlight that at akya I learned the true concept of teamwork, and how a culture of collaboration and openness to new ideas, combined with individual accountability is the basis for success in a project. Personally, I learned to better focus the solution to problems and agilely discern between the trivial and the relevant. Currently I can say that putting into practice what I learned and observed from the firm´s partners who I worked with has helped me be successful in multiple situations

Javier García-Rosado Hospital, Director, Strategy&, Ciudad de México

My time at akya was undoubtedly one of the most challenging and gratifying of my career. I had the opportunity to collaborate shoulder to shoulder with talented people to solve some of the most complex and interesting problems of our clients. In the process I strengthen my communication skills, teamwork and structured thinking abilities which have allowed me to continue standing out. In retrospect, I consider akya a place where the academic world meets the business world; continuously learning new things with the chance of putting them into practice – with utmost rigor – in companies.

Agustín Delgado Nava, Associate Director Transformation at Banco Invex, Ciudad de México

I joined akya during the last semesters of college. One of the greatest advantages of akya is to be able to work directly with senior partners, who share great experiences, allowing me to learn firsthand. Additionally, you get a lot of exposure and direct communication with senior clients. I learned about how high level decisions are taken, as well as created my own network for future collaboration. The best part for me were the projects in which I took part, so different that work was never repetitive, and I gained experience in several industries. akya is a great place to start or develop a professional career, given the multitude of challenges you will experience in the projects you take part on.

Javier Sariñana Ordorica, Analyst JPMorgan Chase, Nueva York

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