Market power concentration analysis

Advanced analytics

  • How to leverage detailed information of client behavior (timely payments, full payments, delinquency, channel preference, etc.) to predict its credit quality prior to a loan renewal or line extension?
  • To what degree can we estimate the business activity of a traditional retail shop based only on its physical observable qualities (e. g., number of fridge doors)?
  • What is the business potential of a specific location and how it can be estimated for different client segments?
  • How can we design a sample taking process to assess the speed of progression of the pandemic in a city?

akya has consolidated a highly specialized team for the solution of problems involving large amounts of data, unstructured data and the application of non-traditional tools and methodologies. Our team has had the opportunity to solve advanced analytics problems in the credit approval space, behavior-based collection efficiency, growth and definition of retail footprint for banks and consumer product companies as well as strategies for the measurement of the efficacy of anti-covid strategies, among several other non-traditional success stories.

In these types of efforts, we take care not only in the quantitative results, but in the quality and integrity of the recommendations associated to the data, as well as the translation of these recommendations into practical actionable processes in the field.

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