Social housing programs

Social housing programs

  • What is the current gap in terms access of Mexican families to quality housing solutions?
  • What specific housing and financing solutions can make a significant contribution to close existing gaps?
  • What is the opportunity in the social mortgage market in Mexico?
  • What is the role of government, social housing institutions and the private sector?

akya has participated in the analysis and design of solutions to these important problems. WE have participated in the design and implementation of effective and affordable housing solutions, mortgage and mortgage insurance products, as well as in the design and evaluation of subsidies aimed at enabling access to a wider population.

Our analyses provide a fact-based perspective on which to develop viable housing solutions, that are financeable in the reality of the social and pension systems, without endangering either the solvency of pension schemes or pensioners savings.

In this space, we have had the opportunity to serve the most important social housing institutions in Mexico, large banks, mortgage banks, public and private mortgage insurance companies, as well as pension funds.

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