Enhancing the performance of portfolio companies

Enhancing the performance of portfolio companies of private equity funds

  • How can we achieve sales growth for the company?
  • Which specific initiatives could increase profit margins?
  • What business model could better position the company to realize an attractive sales multiple?
  • Which is the best way to align the management team with the goals set by the shareholders?

At akya, we have worked for a wide array of companies backed by private equity funds, with a clear objective of profitable growth within a defined investment horizon. We design and implement value-generating initiatives based on rigorous analysis, with a practical, action-oriented approach to maximize the chances of success. We work closely with the company’s management team at different levels in the organization, to make sure there is the proper input, understanding and ownership of the initiatives to guarantee continuity and

In particular cases, we become “operating partners” with longer term engagements in which we accompany the execution and define a variable component to our fees We have conducted this type of project for portfolio companies in various sector, having gained the recognition of both the funds´ investment teams as well as the companies’ management team:

  • “As the incoming CEO of the company, I worked with akya to define our strategy by deeply understanding the market and clearly setting the roadmap for implementation. The company achieved extraordinary results and the investment was highly successful for our financial sponsor”– Carlos Porragas, CEO, Fruehauf (Alta Growth Capital portfolio company)
  • “akya put together a detailed, well thought and ambitious yet realistic business plan through which we could accomplish our growth objectives. Akya also played a critical role in achieving consensus building with governing bodies in the organization” – José Luis Ortiz, CEO, Medistik (Tresalia portfolio company)

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