Organizational optimization

Organizational optimization

  • Does the current organizational structure support and enable strategy and business objectives?
  • How well does it recognize and respond to the challenges posed by market conditions and competitors?
  • Is there a more effective and/or efficient organizational solution to achieve the strategic and business goals?
  • What is the roadmap to evolve the organizational structure without disrupting operations and hindering performance?

Anchored on a solid understanding of the strategy and market context of the company, we analyze organizational design, the functions needed to fulfill business objectives, as well as the key processes and relevant support systems. We evaluate the organizational structure against a set of principles and criteria based on the most relevant perspectives determined by the specific context of each case (i. e., improving effectiveness, reducing cost, aligning with a new strategy, transforming to address structural changes in the industry, etc.). We usually first generate an “optimal” organizational solution for which we identify and explicitly discuss existing restrictions and roadblocks for implementation. We then propose a set of options that ponder the benefits of the “optimal” scenario with a pragmatic view and the possibility of sequential evolution.

Our experience covers a wide range of cases in terms of scale, focus and industries involved. For instance, we have restructured the organization of diversified conglomerates (e. g., organizing BUs and consolidating support functions in corporate service centers), redefined key functions and organizational areas for leading banks in Mexico, as well as redesigning the entire organizational structure of family-owned businesses.

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