What’s the best way to allocate capital to the different business units in a conglomerate? Which of the existing and new businesses or sectors showcase the best growth prospects and which should be divested? Under what parameters should portfolio rebalancing decisions be made? How synergies across different companies of within the group can be attained?

We help business groups establish methodologies to assess the economic value generated by each of the comprised entities, in order to define an active strategy for the optimal allocation of resources. It’s not uncommon that business groups with diverse portfolios preserve policies to assign economic and human resources not aligned to shareholder value creation; thus, the importance of defining clear criteria to evaluate cost of capital and allocating such capital to the initiatives that would maximize returns. Our work provides decisionmakers with the required method and discipline, that pave the way for more profitable growth.

In this area, we have worked for leading groups in specialty retail with significant real estate and financing businesses, in which we achieved the adoption of methodologies and the building of consensus that have highly impacted portfolio composition and created significant value for shareholders