Optimization of retail and service networks

Optimization of retail and service networks

  • ¿What is the growth potential for an established retail network?
  • ¿To what extent is each location materializing its full potential?
  • ¿Are there stores / locations that are inherently inviable given the potential of the respective micro-market?
  • ¿To what extent are there redundant stores given their close proximity?
  • ¿En qué medida se tienen puntos de venta o servicio redundantes?

Leveraging geo-statistical and traffic data, combined with advanced analytical and statistical modelling techniques, we can identify the business / service potential inherent to each store in large retail, banking and microfinance, as well as service networks. Applications include network expansion planning, network optimization (i. e., store closings, relocations, space rationalization, etc.), as well as full potential commercial plans by establishing commercial targets in line with each location’s inherent market potential, among other.

By way of examples, we helped define the network optimization strategy for a micro-finance company (consolidation of two networks), defined the network expansion plan for a medium-large bank in México, and developed the network rationalization strategy for a specialized retailer.

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