Simplification of internal policies

Simplification of internal policies and process streamlining in regulated entities

  • How do internal regulations impact operational efficiency and customer experience?
  • Which are the specific policies that have a significant impact?
  • ¿Are there new / innovative solutions to ensure necessary controls but reduce negative incidences?
  • Are there policies that are no longer necessary but are kept as an historical legacy?
  • Can some of these policies be eliminated or simplified?

akya has analyzed in-depth the internal policies of highly regulated entities, identifying and implementing diverse changes aimed at improving customer experience and operating efficiency, retaining the necessary control mechanisms to avoid unnecessary risk. The norms are analyzed in terms of their goals and rationale, the incidence and severity of the risks they aim to control and their impact on operations and customer experience.  Results are discussed with the relevant functional areas. Finally, we generate a comprehensive proposal to eliminate, update and adjust the relevant internal policies. If necessary, we design and execute controlled pilots to test alternative solutions, calibrate parameters to update specific policies, etc.

As an example of this kind of efforts, akya performed a major internal policy simplification program for one of the largest banks in Mexico. The effort identified multiple improvement and simplification opportunities that were implemented in a few months, improving customer experience, and simplifying operations at hundreds of retail branches across the country.

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